Timber Order Form

Student Projects – Standard Section Sizes in Hardwoods and Softwoods for MTW and Construction Studies.


  • We have identified cross-sectional sizes, which can be efficiently and cost-effectively produced from standard raw lumber sizes.
  • These sizes form the backbone of most of the cross-sectional sizes used by students in their MTW and Construction Studies Projects.
  • We process and have these sizes in-stock.
  • The student or teacher orders this material either in its stock-length or cut to the required lengths.
    Should the student require sizes other than those on the standard list he/she can either cut or plane down a standard stock size or bond two or several pieces together to make a larger section size or laminate (e.g. a table top)
  • Our selected range of processed timbers include, Mahogany (Utile or Sepele), Beech, Teak (Iroko), Oak, Red Deal and Southern Yellow Pine.


  • Student produces initial design/concept of project.
  • After consultation with his/her teacher, student goes on to refine design.
  • Mindful of the standard cross sectional sizes available, the student then produces detailed working drawings.( Plan, Elevation, End View)
  • From the Working Drawings the student produces a cutting list on standardised format.
  • Larger components can be produced by laminating components from the standard list e.g. 70 X 20 and 70 X 20 can be laminated together to make a 135 X 18 (finished dimensions). Smaller components can be produced by simply cutting or planeing down to the desired sizes.
  • Email (info@kmsjoinery.com) our standardised cutting list sheet to us containing your material requirements, for quotation.
  • Download Order Sheet / Cutting List