Class Pre Cuts

We produce a range of 10 Pre-cut class projects to develop practical realisation skills. The pre-cut projects are designed to utilise the standard woodwork room resources in terms of tools and equipment. We select and cut the materials for each pre-cut project, eliminating all major knots and any other defects in the process. The cutting of this material, as with all our machining, is carried out to a high standard with minimal break-out on end grain.

  • Each pre-cut project, produces a meaningful and practical artefact.
  • Materials for each pre-cut project are supplied in boxes, planed to size and cut to lengths.
  • Working drawings are supplied for each pre-cut project & Scope of work

Teachers can choose from the range of pre-cuts projects depending on their student abilities, available class time, student experience etc.

Our pre-cut projects can be used to progressively builds design and realisation skills.

Our Pre Cut Projects

Place your order in June for September delivery and receive a FREE box of 25 LC practical material

The projects allow the student to choose (if required), jointing methods, the sequencing of operations, location of design embellishments, standard of finish, finish type etc.

For the teacher, pre-cut projects eliminates the need to schedule time in busy classrooms to prepare materials and the inevitable noise, dust, maintenance, safety issues etc. associated with the resulting machining operations.

The need to estimate or “guesstimate” multiple quantities of various materials is greatly or completely eliminated.

The requirement to order quantities to include contingencies for waste due to knots and other defects (both natural and machine) is eliminated. This gives greater value for money, therefore helping to maximise available budgets.

The space required to Store and to Machine long lengths of material is greatly reduced. Valuable storage space normally dedicated to the storage of long lengths of material and can be freed up and put to other uses.

It is easier to protect the pre-cut projects from fluctuations in the ambient atmospheric moisture-content.

This greatly reduces the chances of cupping, shrinking, warping, discolouration or cracking. The material can be stored as supplied (boxed) or easily stored in dedicated storage cabinets.