Red Deal School Supplies

Red Deal

Ideal for student projects and classroom work. This product range is supplied in standard lengths. The product is most commonly used in classroom practice for student design at both Junior and senior levels.

Core Sizes
44 x 18
44 x 20
44 x 30
44 x 44
70 x 20
Other Sizes
70 x 70
100 x 20
44 x 12
70 x 12
60 x 12
30 x 18

Red Deal/ Redwood: Yellow/brown or red/brown in colour with a pale heartwood, has a straight grain and smooth finish. We only supply “Unsorted Grade” Red Deal. Unsorted means it is a higher quality and has less knots and cracks than the next grade which is known as “fifths grade”. Unsorted is less prone to shakes or splits and less tendency to cup or curl, the higher quality makes it ideal for furniture, such as tables, cabinets and class projects.