Kms Joinery Limited
About Us:

KMS Joinery Limited is one of Ireland most trusted manufacturers and suppliers of Joinery and machined wood products. Since our establishment in the 1960's, KMS Joinery Ltd has grown into a trusted source of custom-built joinery products for domestic and commercial customers and the supply of wood products for students completeing the Materials Technology Wood and Construction Studies courses in Secondary Schools throughout the country. 

Our customer orientated philosophy focuses on the actual needs of the customer in terms of service, supply and quality. Our experience in sourcing, selecting and conditioning/drying solid wood lumber ensures that the quality of the finished product is without compromise and optimised to the requirements of the end user. 

Our History:

KMS Joinery Limited is a family owned and run business in Athleague, Co. Roscommon. Establised in the 1960's by Kieran Murray as a manufacturer of custom-built joinery products; windows, doors, stairs and gates were among his forte, and was quickly recognised for the love of his craft and the quality of his work. In the 1990's the business began supplying Secondary schools in the locatily with wood for their Materials Technology Wood and Construction Studies classes and exam materials. The quality of the product supplied lead to recommendations and a development of this aspect of the business. 

Kieran Murray passed away in 2016 having passed on the love of his craft to his family who continue the business today.